The Comprehensive Risk Management Web App

Risk-IO is a web app that combines Incident Management, Risk Analysis, Risk Assessment, Risk Treatment, Audit, monitoring, and storage into one user-friendly and practical solution.

The app can be customized to meet the specific needs of each client.

The interconnection between the different modules automates the process of managing risks, vulnerabilities, and mitigation.


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Risk-IO follows ISO 31000 Risk Management standards and was developed by a team of experts from various backgrounds including military, corporate security, and cyber security.

The web app incorporates best practices to ensure effective solutions.

The dedicated account managers cater to client needs, and the app can be stored on either client or Zulu servers.

Specialized personnel are available on request to assist clients with the tool.

Streamlining Incident
Management with Risk-IO

Risk-IO's Incident Management solution streamlines the communication and management of incidents across departments, providing an effective tool for any kind of incident.

The module captures incident data that can be used to generate automatic reports, which include a timeline of communication between involved stakeholders.

Additionally, all incidents are automatically loaded into the Risk Assessment report, making them available for Risk Analysis evaluation. With Risk-IO, departments can efficiently manage incidents while improving their overall risk management process.

Streamlined Risk Assessment and Mitigation Planning

Risk-IO's Risk Assessment module generates comprehensive risk reports including treatment plans.

Users can create a detailed list of vulnerabilities and associated risks. Risk Analysis generates impact and probability simulations for each risk category.

A customized Mitigation Plan is generated to meet user needs.

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